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A field guide to creating tech products from scratch.

Data & COVID-19 new

COVID-19 Data Repository Data on global Covid-19 infections, updated daily. Maintained by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

Understanding Vaccindation Progress A report on the global state of vaccination rollouts.

Who is the most vulnerable to health-related misinformation? If your parents keep forwarding fake news, you might find this study interesting. If we know how to spot it, it’s because we’re privileged!


Get to know tech as it is today from people in the field.

/r/cscareerquestions What is working in tech like?

MIT Technology Review What are the latest issues in and around tech?

Find problems to solve

United Nations Global Issues

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Startup SG Accelerators Which verticals are incubators investing in?

Translate cutting-edge research

What research areas is Singapore investing and performing in? What could we translate into an enterprise solution?

NRF Features

A*STAR Features

NTU News

NUS Research News

Audition your ideas

Google People + AI Guidebook: Patterns Simple explanations of how to use ML in valuable, ethical ways. Comes with examples!

Figma Beautiful, animated prototypes for mobile and web applications.

Build without code new

Bubble Prototype and build mobile apps without code.

Improve your models

Use-cases to inspire your methodology, and how to augment your model(s) with more, better data.

Scrape a Webpage with BeautifulSoup Quick and dirty web scraping. Python

Generating Spotify Playlists with Unsupervised Learning Python

Mining Wikipedia Useful for data-starved NLP projects!

Deploy for free

Surge Static web publishing for Front-End Developers. Supports HTML, CSS, and JS

PythonAnywhere Host, run and code Python in the cloud. Supports Python

Heroku Deploy and run apps. Supports Node.js, Ruby, Java, PHP, Python, Go, Scala, Clojure

Ready to scale?

Amazon Web Services Free account and free tier cloud services.

Google Cloud Plaform Free trial and free tier cloud services.

Microsoft Azure Free trial and free tier cloud services.

Just do work

Explain Each Machine Learning Model at an Interview

Degrees in Data Science Should you bother getting a degree in Data Science? Can you get a foot in the door without one?

Startup SG Accelerators Get incubated!

GovTech Singapore

AI Jobs